Drupal tweaks for MySQL optimisation

This is a post for the techies...

When running Drupal its common to be required to optimise Server environments. Many people think of optimisation to be for google search rankings but when we are talking about optimisation of server environments we are referring to; page speeds, database lookup query speeds, essentially PERFORMANCE.

We will use this page to add our customisations as we go along.

Today was MYSQL improvements...

1. Increase max_execution_time
2. Increase max_allowed_packet size to 16M
We increased max_allowed_packet on a Virtual Server that required importing large database file. To do this on our VPS we logged in via SSH and opened etc/my.cnf - within this file we can customise major aspects of MYSQL configurations.
3. PHP increase memory limist to 512M
This allows PHP to allocate more memory to handle Drupal Queries. - We recommend 512M but 256M is probably okay for smaller websites.