Latest SEO ranking factors

It is the role of any SEO professional to constantly be aware of changes in Googles algorithm for ranking websites in search engines and this can be a daunting task when trying to manage all of the possible online marketing activities available.

It is my opinion (and always has been) that if companies simply make a commitment to a structured online marketing plan they will see a positive return. After this they then see value investing more time and money into Search Marketing. With time it becomes a lesser mountain to climb and businesses can begin to maximise conversions by drilling down in to search behaviour and identify the MOST profitable keywords.

Remember whats fashionable today won't necessarily be next month so just stick to a broad range of SEO services.

Current HOT online marketing and SEO facts

  • Anchor text
  • Many low quality links from high quality domains (eg CNN, PRWEB etc
  • Links in body text within first 200 words of HTML
  • Consistent internal linking
  • No errors in Webmaster tools

Quality Online marketing opportunities

I don't think anything has really changed here but how each activity is done has become critical. For example online directories - these are still important as ever but make sure of the following.

  • Does the directory rank well for your keywords?
  • Select the right category for your website - don't be lazy!
  • Which directories have Google favored recently?