Possible content ditribution channels

How do we distribute content and promote my products?

Guest Posting
Forum participation
Shopping Syndication
Quality Content writing
Questions and Answers.
Well organised blog categories.
Share widgets
Authorship inclusion
Interlinked accounts
Niche Websites
Product portals

eposed filters drupal seo

Printing page titles with views exposed filters - added to contextual filter argument with taxo id + depth....
// singlefilter//

$view = views_get_current_view();
$term = 'all';
$title = 'Fitted Modular Wardrobes';
if (isset ($view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'])) {
$tid = $view->exposed_input['field_carcass_wood_tid_selective'];
if (is_numeric($tid)){
$term = $tid;
$term_obj = taxonomy_term_load($tid);
$title = $term_obj->name;

How important are metatags for seo?

Just spent a couple of hours sorting out the meta tags for a client and thought I better share the reasoning and detail. Meta tags or in full, Meta Description Tags are not that important for SEO purposes, but as everyone knows, rankings don't necessarily convert in to sales. These meta tags are simply the short paragraphs describing the page content, and thus a good one will lead through to greater click through's.

The Value of SEO - Cost per keyword

Calculating the value of being on page 1 of google is difficult.
We aim to provide you with a rough idea of how to calculate the value of being on page 1 of google in the top 3 search results.

Broken links - bad for SEO!

We have worked with a company in conjunction with other web design agencies and recently came across a site that was for no obvious reason performing badly in search engines...

Links dont always mean high ranking!

Everyone should know that link building is critical to SEO / ranking highly in google search engines. The point is if you cant afford to build links then why have you got a website?


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